Developing Corporate Entrepreneurs

Corporate Entrepreneurs stand out from the crowd

We live in uncertain and challenging times. Be it Brexit, falls in the pound and international stock markets, poor productivity, globalisation, labour and skill shortages, onerous legislation – you name it – difficulties surround us.

However, with the right knowledge, skills and attitudes we can survive and prosper, but possibly only those individuals and organisations prepared to change and develop.

In the age of the 4th revolution interconnected world, is 20th century leadership and management thinking still the answer? Maybe we need to develop the skills, attitudes and behaviours of the Corporate Entrepreneur, or as we call them, Intrapreneurs.

Our 21st Century Leaders programme, now in it’s 11th year and available with *40% funding for eligible businesses in the Leeds City Region through The Skills Service, was designed and has been continuously updated to reflect the needs and demands of this new world order, with an emphasis on developing these intrapreneurial skills and attitudes.

Based on extensive participant feedback, we are now delivering the 21st Century Leaders programme as a series of four independent two-day courses all focussed on change and innovation, either at a personal or strategic level. 

  • Improving productivity
  • Personal development and well-being
  • Leading strategic change and innovation
  • Delivering strategic change and innovation

These short, intensive courses are suitable for all sectors and individuals. Whether a highly experienced, practically skilled senior leader, an aspirational middle manager, an owner manager looking to grow themselves, their management team and their business or a professional knowledge worker leading diverse teams. The courses can be either taken stand-alone or as a full suite, as participants and organisations require.

So why do organisations continually just trust to luck and fail to invest in their strategic managers and leaders – and then suffer the subsequent economic and human consequences? Is it simply a short sighted, narrow minded supposed cost saving approach, or is it a lack of suitable proven provision, compounded by an expensive and bad training experience?

One thing to remember is that training reinforces the “right way” to do things as it standardises and maintains the status quo. Development, however, differentiates and encourages forward thinking. So corporate entrepreneurs are not trained – they are developed.

Our unique and highly innovative developmental approach has been well proven over many years, across all sectors and uses an intensive, highly cost and time effective seminar format. Delivered to small groups, it is designed to inspire and develop those individuals we need both now and in the economically challenging future.

*40% funding is available for eligible businesses in the Leeds City Region through The Skills Service.

*The Skills Service and 40% funding is managed by The Skills Service and funded by the European Social Fund.