Developing Corporate Entrepreneurs

21st Century Leaders Programme

A series of four independent two-day courses all focussed on change and innovation, either at a personal or strategic level. These short, intensive courses are suitable for all sectors and individuals. Whether a highly experienced, practically skilled senior leader, an aspirational middle manager, an owner manager looking to grow themselves, their management team and their business or a professional knowledge worker leading diverse teams. The courses can be either taken stand-alone or as a full suite, as participants and organisations require.

Improving productivity

Appreciate how cost savings are actually generated and determine opportunities and solutions for operational improvements in all sectors, particularly service

  • Appreciate how cost savings are actually generated and opportunities for operational improvement
  • Understand the development of management theories and the impact on operational performance
  • How job design impacts on performance
  • What is quality and why is it critical in service organisations too?
  • Understand the concepts behind ‘lean’ and 6σ and how they might be transferred into a service environment to optimise productivity and performance?
  • Determine and maximise capacity
  • Bottlenecks cripple output. How do you identify them and manage them accordingly?
  • Appreciate the design criticality of process as well as product/service
  • Utilise simple project management techniques to deliver improvements

Personal development and well-being

A self-coaching course using our RIDFEAR® methodology that helps individuals experiencing change determine what they want, from both life and their careers, and then establish how to achieve that.

  • Learning to learn – the essential element
  • What is self-coaching and how can it help me deal with personal and organisational issues?
  • RIDFEAR® has seven elements to it:
    • ealisation – begin to discover who you are and what is really fundamental to you
    • deal – start to determine what you really want
    • istractions – understand and change what is holding you back
    • ocus – determine which area of your life you can and want to change
    • nds – establish what results you want to achieve
    • ctions – plan how you are going to achieve them
    • eflect – take pride in your success, learn from it and reward yourself

Leading strategic change and innovation

Develops the concept and skill set of the Intrapreneur in order to envisage, communicate and successfully transition individuals through change

  • Determine what leadership really means in organisations and the flexibility now required in a knowledge environment
  • Do we now need a new model of ‘leadership’ at all levels in our organisations? The Intrapreneur?
  • Begin to develop a language for understanding oneself and then others
  • Evaluate your own personality, skills, behaviours, styles and attitudes to leadership
  • What ‘motivates’ individuals and what doesn’t in the 21st century?
  • Understand and improve how we make decisions, evaluate risk and create new ideas
  • Creativity is a blessing not a curse and can be developed
  • What is a team and what makes it perform successfully?
  • Understand clearly how people react and respond to change and how to successfully lead them through it

Delivering strategic change and innovation

Learn how effective strategies are really created, determine optimum change/innovation opportunities and apply appropriate change management tools

  • What is change, what is innovation and what is strategy?
  • Why every employee should be involved in the strategic process?
  • Use classical strategic analysis, planning and marketing tools and models
  • Understand how entrepreneurial organisations really determine strategy
  • What’s different and new in the digital information age?
  • What is meant by ‘lean innovation’ and ‘design thinking’
  • Is there a successful process we can follow when implementing change and what methods can we employ?
  • How can we define organisational cultures and manage change accordingly?
  • What structural types are there and how do we design appropriate organisational structures and systems? 

40% funding is available for eligible businesses in the Leeds City Region through The Skills Service. The Skills Service and 40% funding is managed by The Skills Service and funded by the European Social Fund.


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